When a Plan Comes Together

In the writer’s chair today, you may imagine a woman whose brain is just taking the break that she seemingly needs. I’m kind of unproductive today a state that always bothers me. There’s a lot to be sorted out and a lot on my mind, and usually I’m able to create a lot of content and value at quite a clippy pace so maybe it’s time to take that break and view what’s going on.

  • Personal Life is going on, yo!

Today it’s 9 days until my wedding day, which means there are 8 days to get everything tucked away and ready, and the sense of tension is rising hugely. This morning I posted the invitations for our second wedding which is taking place later this year in Germany. They look awesome, C really did an amazing job designing them and they’re bilingual too. With such an important event looming on the horizon, it’s almost too easy to get lost in worrying ahead and forgetting about the big event that’s right in front of me! Of course I’m also keen to work hard and produce everything I want to produce, and the to-do list is one higgeldy piggeldy chaos of wedding things, work things, life things. It’s BIG STUFF.

Right now, hang on..I just have to take a second to add a few to-dos.

Just in case you’re interested, we planned our wedding ourselves and used Trello and Google Docs extensively.

  • Savvy Brand Bounced Back

In my last post on this blog that follows my personal and business and both journey, I shared the experience of an unsuccessful launch and how I ended up moving on from it. I created the Savvy Brand Toolkit because I wanted to keep offering the value and helpful notes that I know my course offered, but without freaking out about no one turning up on a specific sign-up deadline. Overall, the sales have been pretty positive for the last 2 months. I organised a live Facebook event to support more teachers and also shared my knowledge of practical teaching matters over at Udemy in a new course called Live Lesson Strategies for Online Teaching. Both of this had two really great effects on me: First of all I felt a return of my mojo and enthusiasm for helping online teachers through my experience. Secondly, I felt that sharing more of my knowledge and experience really helped me consolidate the brand.

The most important move I conducted was a shift back to Fluent, my core website about language learning and personal development. I simply took the Savvy Brand Toolkit and started talking about it on that website, and the teachers in my audience were very grateful, and AFAIK none of the language teachers took offence. This helps me become a more authentic language blogger, since I’ve been writing from the tutor’s perspective for years.

  • I’m an Educator, Still

Of course live services still form the heart of my work, and I’m feeling a strong pull to online education. I want to keep supporting live teachers and reach out to the thousands of people who are currently creating online courses about all kinds of great topics. After speaking to an inspiring friend who confessed to taking weeks of agonizing over a simple workshop, I realised that this is an area where I can and I want to help people! I’m a pretty good knowledge organizer and project manager, making me suitable for working with books and online courses. Obviously, I’m on number 6 of those in just over 2 years by now, and I don’t want others to stand in their own way when they could be reaching out and teaching already. In the past, I was very curious about becoming an online course consultant but I was intimidated by established big names in the field. But now the time feels more suitable, and I have a better sense of the market holding a little space for me. I have some packages and test clients ready, and a wonderful strategy for them that the amazing Audra Wilke helped me build. I’m ready for business and feeling pretty positive about this, so watch this space and contact me if you want to get in early.

That was kind of my speedy update. The challenge for this month is still course production and marketing, boosting my Udemy portfolio and revenue and looking into the best options for selling courses in the future. I’ll keep you posted..