My Wedding Photos – The Prep

Since I enjoyed my recent post about the wedding and the flowers we used so much, I wanted to continue and share a few more images from our Big Day. You might laugh, because you might know that I have another one coming up in just two weeks and I should be focusing ahead, but maybe this is all part of the process. Experience the joy we felt on our wedding day all over again, mentally getting ready for it.

Like my mother says to me, this is not a time to be exhausted and say “oh God, we have to do it again!”. This is a time to start getting happy and excited, so here’s to another great experience.

Oh, and I’m in the middle of a launch period. Just cos. *exhausted*

The Wedding Prep

On my wedding, I woke up criminally early and had about 4 hours to kill before everything was starting to kick off. Like really, I was prepping final deliveries at 7am and running in the gym by 9. The gym was a great thing to have in our hotel by the way, just because it gave me something to busy myself with before nerves kicked in.

My nervousness was all about making sure the day went as planned, much more than any actual jitters about whether this is the right man. That’s the good thing about marrying on your 10th anniversary. You probably know what you’re getting. After 10am, suddenly everything went very fast and here are a few impressions from our photographers after they arrived.


My Wedding Photos: The Flowers

I’m married!!

Phew, and it’s already been 2 months. The last two months have really been very busy, with working life coming back into focus very much straight after our wedding and a real manic kind of a summer. I don’t know where to start, so much happened and I’ve not kept up with this blog and I haven’t even taken the time to talk about how fantastic the day was!

There were:

  • Cute kids
  • Beach Huts
  • 30 mile/hour winds
  • Wine glasses
  • Beautiful Bridesmaids
  • Dancing People
  • Touching Speeches

So instead I ask you to check out my photographer’s wedding report, and my German language one over on my good friend Verena’s blog. See, I did write! I’ve also been miss super productive, attending a conference in Glasgow, visiting friends, travelling to Sweden and creating more products. My new German course (my first German course!) is about to hit the digital shelves and I could not be prouder.

But enough talk. Let’s do what we really like and look at the pictures. I’ll start with some flower pics from our lovely wedding.

My own bouquet:

Buttonhole for the Groom:

Bridesmaid bouquets:

The Maid of Honour:


Looks good:

Smells good too:

And we kept it simple in the evening:

Let me know how you liked these pictures and the flowers and if you can, why not share your own wedding pics?

Wedding Planning, update 1

I thought I should give you readers a break from the continued anxieties of career and identity today. Let it be said that I’m coming ashore in the land of the “portfolio career”, which means making my money with various things that I’m into and embracing it rather than feeling like a schizophrenic crazy lady. Ultimately, it comes down to this: Everyone is good at many things. Might as well use them.

But anyway, the wedding planning! I am very much enjoying my long engagement of two years. We’re now on 490 days until I have a husband, so that means there will be plenty of time to convince him that my last name really is the best. Now that the big day really is in the coming calendar year, we have also started getting a little more organised. Now here are the basic stats:

  • 2 weddings in 2 countries
  • civil wedding with a registrar in England
  • church wedding with my local Pfarrer in Germany
  • approximately 40 guests at each
  • an adult reception in the evening in England
  • our 10th anniversary

If that doesn’t add up to a lot of happiness, then I don’t know what does!

Venue Search

So, after deciding on the guest numbers and where everyone will stash their kids, the lucky couple gets to be wooed by many beautiful places. That’s how I like to think about it anyway, and so I’m really enjoying myself when looking around all the great places I could get married in. Not all of them are right for the celebration I am imagining, but they are all awesome in their own right and each of them makes for a great destination to visit.

Our favourites included:

Forrest Hills just outside Lancaster – This venue is by far the one with the most beautiful surroundings. It’s a quirky, eco-friendly building in Lancaster set in a beautiful golf course (but not the busy, arrogant kind) and next to a lake. With a fountain. God, it’s so lovely. Every time I look at the photos of Forrest Hills, I feel like my mind is made up. But sadly they have neither a licence for getting married on the premises nor accommodation for our out-of-town guests, and I still haven’t convinced myself that carting everyone from place to place on the day is what I want to happen.

The Midland Hotel in Morecambe – The Midland is an art deco hotel by the seaside. It’s elegant, interesting and very popular as a local place to get married…which of course gets my anti-herd senses tingling. But never mind that nonsense: this is a beautiful place and offers us the full package all in one day. The fiancé in question loves it, because its seaside views are special. Their cocktails are great too, and I hear stories of outdoor hot tubs for the lucky couple. But to me, the romance of the day doesn’t quite come alive there…no gardens, no greenery, you see? And is Morecambe’s faded glory what I always dreamt of? This is like a cliffhanger!

The Great Hall at Mains – This is in Poulton, where (as I’ve just learnt) Blackpool folks move to if they’ve made it in the world. And as a venue, it’s just so gorgeous! The Great Hall stems from Tudor times and it has everything: high ceiling, dancefloor, a knight’s armour and a very lovely garden. They give their couples the choice of caterers, too, and both couple and guests get to stay in THE BEST MANOR HOUSE EVER in the history of England ever. Our of our options, it’s not quite competing on the price range though, so I wonder if we could manage..

Other venues, which are also lovely regardless of my lack of a write-up were:

The Priory in Scorton (family venue, gorgeous walled garden, real friendly pub feel)
Hipping Hall (pure luxury, so much so that I could never afford it)

Do you have experiences with these venues above? Are you planning a wedding, or dreaming one up on Pinterest? I’m curious! I want to know, so share all of your dreams of pink meringue dresses with me. I won’t judge. I will LOVE it.