Some Thoughts Re: New Year’s Resolutions

I love the idea of clearing the mind and setting those all important goals but I’m weaker when it comes to following through.

I have so many interests and ideas that I  tend to feel overwhelmed. So it’s better for me to break things down.
Resolutions are about the spirit of the resolution and not the goal. But goals are important too.
Here are a few ideas
  • I will publish 3 new written or course based collections of what the blog already contains.
    • I will work with a ghostwriter who drafts this.
  • I will recognise my own value and charge for my own time.
    • Goal 1: estimate how long something will take me and set an income goal based on that
    • Goal 2: estimate how long the promotion will take and plan it all out in advance
    • Goal 3: triage every single Monday
  • I will be on top of understanding my income streams every month.
Teaching HQ
  • I will not give up on the Teaching HQ
    • I will publish a blog post every two weeks and explore making video a key part
    • I will give every product the promotion and attention it deserves
  • I will feel adequate and qualified for this
    • I will continue learning the things I need to know and sharing what I’m learning
    • I will enjoy sharing without worrying if people think I’m good enough, because I am and because me doing it means I am good enough
  • I will stop worrying how much money this makes and remember that I’m investing and I can get booked for consultations.
  • I will not fear the other people in this space. There’s someone for everyone.
    • Like one of my fitness instructors says “not everyone’s preferred instructor but that’s ok cos there’s room for us all”

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