My Wedding Photos – The Prep

Since I enjoyed my recent post about the wedding and the flowers we used so much, I wanted to continue and share a few more images from our Big Day. You might laugh, because you might know that I have another one coming up in just two weeks and I should be focusing ahead, but maybe this is all part of the process. Experience the joy we felt on our wedding day all over again, mentally getting ready for it.

Like my mother says to me, this is not a time to be exhausted and say “oh God, we have to do it again!”. This is a time to start getting happy and excited, so here’s to another great experience.

Oh, and I’m in the middle of a launch period. Just cos. *exhausted*

The Wedding Prep

On my wedding, I woke up criminally early and had about 4 hours to kill before everything was starting to kick off. Like really, I was prepping final deliveries at 7am and running in the gym by 9. The gym was a great thing to have in our hotel by the way, just because it gave me something to busy myself with before nerves kicked in.

My nervousness was all about making sure the day went as planned, much more than any actual jitters about whether this is the right man. That’s the good thing about marrying on your 10th anniversary. You probably know what you’re getting. After 10am, suddenly everything went very fast and here are a few impressions from our photographers after they arrived.


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