Decison Making, Commitment, Masterminding

Ahh, here is part one of the post I wrote a week ago. I was really in the flow and about to write more about what is next when this HUGE ENORMOUS SPIDER ran across the office, meaning I had to instantly drop everything and call in the cavalry of man and cat. Now, time has flown so much that it’s finally time for me to go on holiday. Away. For a week. Without the laptop. A wholly new experience, and I can’t wait to bounce around in the Welsh forest and laze around in their spa.

My mind is flitting today, tired after a week of emotional moments. On the “smaller things” side (perhaps), my absolutely amazing Zumba teacher conducted her last session with our wonderful, happy group of zumberers yesterday. She announced her zumba retirement about 3 weeks ago and I definiely wasn’t the only one who is devastated. Although Zumba is a franchise and the music and steps can be recreated by many instructors, it’s definitely not the same with everyone of them. In this class, we had really tough aerobic work combined with smiles and fun to keep us going for ages. I honestly won’t know what to do without my happy hours spent dancing to Pitbull, hopping around and sweating like a maniac. The search for Lancaster’s next zumba Master starts here. I did consider just getting a Zumba license and doing what I love with it, but decided against it in the end. The time investment would be about a day a week and since I have no ambitions in fitness training…it might not be the right thing right now.

So here’s what I can add quickly on a sleep-deprived mind:

It is as if I have made more progress in the last week than I did in the whole year before, which is of course not true. Things have been building up: confidence, knowledge, connections, research. I’ve finally taken the step I was planning to take for so long and started talking to the new audience: online teachers, language professionals, people who need help with marketing and setting up and courage and selling themselves. I did some Maths to help me work out how much money I really need in order to make a living. More importantly, something is coming that I had not yet realised, and that’s a feeling of being able to provide exactly what a person needs so much better when I just present myself as me out there. This sounds weird and hippy, right?

What I mean is this: I can set up a company or a website or a brochure or an agency or an anything that is focused on what kind of service it provides to people. I can guess ahead at what they need and have a product. That’s all good. But I can also be just me and separate my services and my personality and have people come and work with me because I’m awesome. Once I know I’m cool at the heart of it all, the right people will just click with it, right?

I want to present something that is so close to who I am that I’m not trying anymore. I want to stop trying to attract people by doing better work. My work is good, it’s part of me, I’m committed to quality. So I focus instead on my commitment to quality, my integrity and my love of yellow and sunshine…and you’ll so want to work with me if you’re the right person.

This thought is half formed. Does anyone think this makes sense?


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