Hiring and Firing Myself Very Slowly

Okay, something happened, I’ve got to share it. I ran this online course last week, called Fresh Content. It was a blogging seminar for new bloggers, giving them lots of ideas to take away the “I’m scared of the blank page” feeling. And it went well. And I really, really liked doing it. There is something there that language learning doesn’t give me, which I think I’ve managed to put my finger on: I love helping other people realise their damn potential! People are so brilliant, or at least a lot of them are. YOU are clearly brilliant for reading this. Man, could this sound any more hippy?

I’ve had all these ideas for blogging workshops and courses already, and I cannot even explain to you how exciting they all are. Not sure if this will be my topic forever, but the heart of blogging is about self-expression, being a little brand and making money doing it. And I love that! That’s where people are most brilliant, and it allows me to develop products for this outstanding group of Pioneer Nation people* that I have fallen in love with. Again – hippy sounding, but tell you what, it makes me happy! It’s probably been evident from the majority of my posts that I have not enjoyed language teaching enough to consider it my life’s calling really. And the thing is, when you run your own business this means you become a bad business person. I would consciously avoid earning opportunities because I just didn’t look forward to doing the work. With this, I hope it’s different. I’m aware of the deceptive warm glow of new ideas, but here I’m fuelled by having already run the thing and wanting to do that lots and lots more. Isn’t that different? Here’s a perspective: I am great with people, I love them, they’re fantastic. I love how this is putting me in touch with what people are thinking, which I’m always curious about. And I loooooooove to talk!

*I don’t mean just those 400 people. I mean everyone who is like that, who has something to say and wants to become really great and confident at getting their message out.

Now, for practicals. What does this mean? I’ve got so many language products on the go, and of course current students too. I think this means I have to power something down before I completely overexpand myself. In a way, I need to quit job 1 where I am the boss and then employ myself for job 2 where I am still the boss? Believe me, if you’re now shaking your head and thinking “what the heck has she done?” you are not alone. Me too. WTF.

My feeling is that I can make progress like this:

  • Probe the bios of new idols Laura Roeder and Shenee Howard and Tara Gentile on how they did their thing
  • Run 3 or 4 workshops without too much faff or hesitation
  • Invest in a proper awesome website that hosts my videos
  • Write the course curricula for 3-4 blogging courses (trust me, I can get this done)
  • Announce away
  • Set a Start Date

Listing stuff out like this is very nice, but isn’t it scary to think I could actually abandon a few of the language projects that haven’t made me money yet (“but I told people I would”), change course (“but I told people…what will they say?”) and start the new awesome thing. I’m genuinely scared but at the same time I want to do this. I’ll let it sit and see how I feel in a week, just to be sure. In the meantime, do you fancy a place on Fresh Content?


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