A Flurry of Random Lessons from Pioneer Nation

I feel like my life changed from last Wednesday to today. This conference called Pioneer Nation has been everything I wasn’t even hoping for – incredibly lovely speakers, nice food, but most importantly I feel like I have found people that I have more in common with than I could ever hope for. Every single person at this conference was brilliant, and they were inventing their own job and amazing at it.

And because I have like 40 pages of note, here are very quick notes:

  1. Bro dogs are best left to Bros
  2. The way I am is not weird, in fact there are hundreds of tribe members out there who don’t want a boss, or a job, or strategy meetings or office politics. We want to make things HAPPEN
  3. People are making it happen all the time, and they are noo different from me
  4. My brand isn’t just “oh hello I do everything with language …stuff”. I will have to think about it and really cut all the things I don’t love or that don’t make me money
  5. I know about 5% of what I think I know
  6. I know nothing, really
  7. Being of service is the core part of what I want to do. And with that, I get a feeling of who my ideal customer will be and with that I will be able to make the right thing to help them
  8. People have been telling me their problems and pains all along but I wasn’t listening
  9. I can be picky about my customers, too, because I want to LOVE all of them.
  10. Having staff counts as investment in “mental headspace”
  11. I must commit. It is okay to be guided by Buffy: “I commit. I’m committed. I’m a committee.”
  12. My self confidence must never be questioned. It doesn’t really help.
  13. ASK FOR HELP OH MY GOD WHAT ARE YOU DOING – even something as simple as asking someone else to look through your website and copy can make a huge amount of difference.
  14. Being more open and vulnerable online is a part of selling things online. (Kersylearns may be merged with Fluent…)

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