March Goals: Update #1 (before I go)

Uuuuhhhh my gosh, March has been busy so far. I’ve attended some business networking, spent a lot of time blogging and had to prepare this trip to the USA! It’s now Wednesday evening, and on Friday everything is go and I’ll start on my big trip. I’m really looking forward to meeting lots of new people at Pioneer Nation, finding new friends and even hitting those bridal shops in the USA!

So before I go travelling, it’s time for a catch up with all those goals. I can already tell it was a fabulous idea to make it a goal that I spend 6 days resting while on my trip. I will need to make sure I actually do that!

Before you read through the goals below, spare a thought for wedding planning, because that is also still going on. P-H-E-W. We may finally be approaching our venue.

Online Business

In “unwritten goal” news, of course I’ve been a bit type A as always and have created a whole new “Advertise on my Blog” section. You are invited to support Fluent, the Language Learning Blog, and show off your products and websites with a well-priced sponsor badge. I didn’t really need to do that, but it has been in the back of my mind for a while and is a variation achievement. I am also still running the affiliate ads for Udemy, which are giving me good insights into what works and doesn’t.

  • Haven’t quite stopped tinkering with the site then

I have also made a very simple spreadsheet to help me track income from online sources – will keep an eye on it and see whether any campaigns are successful. I’ve already noticed that I’ve sold more copies of Fluency Made Achievable than ever this month!

Blogging Training

Well, we were unable to recruit 10 number of people for Shine Online by 14 March, so have decided to postpone the event. In the run-up to this decision I experienced a bit of a crisis of confidence. Who wants to learn from me about blogging? Am I just pushing a course because I want to make money? Are people too busy for this sh•t? I really took a few hours to think about this out in the fresh air on my bicycle, and found that at the heart I really believe in what I’m doing. My blogging course will work – it’s designed to motivate people, give them marketing ideas and help them walk away with a clearer mind. So Shine Online is ON LIKE DONKEY KONG. We will hold it on 29 April – the interest so far has clearly shown that this was the right decision and we needed the extra fortnight to promote the course in the right way.

In other news, I’ve also set the second date for 1 May. Technically, that’s still April…kinda. It will be a Practical Blogging Session, just allowing all bloggers to come and get advice on whatever they are working on and be taken through the process by me. (Email me if you wanna come..)

The thing with Sam..

It still feels almost too early to talk about this, but basically Sam the Social Media Trainer and I have been bouncing ideas around about our own kind of “Blog/Social Media Academy” type project. We want to put our forces together, talk from experience, help people set up a full content plan for several months and start making online marketing a priority. Today we met up, looked at the competition and I spoke with admiration about The Blogcademy. That’s what I’d love to go for! So there is a different spin, featuring us bouncy bushy-tailed bright young things (well that’s Sam, and I’m powered by coffee…), a forest, some quiet time and people who need a time out as much as they need training. I love it…but God, it’s hard to even know where to start on such a project. We are hoping to focus in on our core messages for promoting it next time, and potential venues. I might find a use for that Forrest Hills after all!

And in terms of networking events, I’d say that’s done. I went to an 8am Business Breakfast. I mean really. What else do you WANT!

Home Working

Okay, this is all about not at home working this week. So far, there are 9 lessons scheduled to take place while I’m abroad – two are still clashing, and that still needs sorting out but if all of them go smoothly I’ll be proud indeed! I am just in the process of packing, and will have to make up my mind about what the essential books are. 3 weeks without my teaching materials. Oof!

So on Friday it’s suitcase at the ready, and off I go to the far far West. Can’t wait!



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