New Goals for March 2014

After the last blog post in which I gave a detailed update on most of my February goals, let’s first revisit the end of month results.

The Good: Rearranging my office was fantastic, I’m so glad I did it! The blog survey and slow movement towards self-financing blogging is also underway, it’s not clear where exactly this leads but I’m happy I’ve started. And Shine Online is GO in March.

The Interesting: I didn’t really apply for a job, I think this is because February was a month of improving mood and health and therefore less doubt about my commitment to self-employment. Financially, I am still not really steady and it’s always tempting to go for a regular, predictable income. But at this stage, the potential of being my own boss and creating something I’m proud of is still too tempting.

The Challenges: When something new starts, it isn’t instantly successful and switching from being an independent language teacher to an independent marketing trainer is going to take some time. I’m mega-grateful to have my current students though and I know I’d be back to 0 if I didn’t have them. But yes, keeping the balance of blog, students and new endeavour is HARD.

Finally, I got an awful cold and didn’t manage to attend the networking, but I’ll make up for it this month.

I have started charting these goals in order to remind myself that I am in fact achieving things and can be proud of my work, so let me take a minute to just do that: Woo hoo, I now write and edit over at Fluent and I’m actively running my first paid Blogging Training. And on the personal side, I’m glad that I took the step of seeing my doctor and asking for help with the anxiety and depression issues. It’s an illness and needs to be managed, and I’m just able to DO THINGS now.

Pioneer Nation

Maybe influenced by this huge improvement of mood and positivity, I have decided to take a step and finally do something I’ve been mulling over in my mind: I’ll be back on the road travelling for 3 weeks. The trip starts with attending the Pioneer Nation conference in Portland, Oregon. It’s an event about self-employment and building a small, creative business, run by Chris Guillebeau who seems to be very good at just that. I’m definitely looking forward to it.

The conference will be followed by 2 weeks of travel, with a bit of working from the road, and of course that’s going to affect the March and April goals. Before that, I have a Shine Online event to promote and a BIG trip to organise. I’ve decided to enlist a tiny bit of help and bought a few hours of VA help this month. Jenny’s already proven she’s awesome and will be a great help scheduling lessons, finding hotels and keeping my blog ticking over while I’m away.

So here are the March goals

Home Working

I’ve not got anything specific this month, to be honest the business idea needs to come into sharper focus before I could work on the seaside light-filled office dream a bit more. So this month’s goal will be about working from the road.

  • I’m due to teach about 14 hours while I’m travelling. The goal is to deliver 10 lessons from the road, pre-scheduled to accommodate for the 5 (!) different timezones my students live in.
  • Get a tan in the USA and spend at least 6 days not working at all.

Online Business

I currently have an online course, a book and a few ads on Fluent as sources of online income. Each of these kind of trickles along a little bit (Youtube = $2 in the last year) and I think it I need to track and consolidate them a bit better. The marketing of these products needs to improve, at the moment it’s higgledy-piggledy and I could not tell you which one is actually profitable. So that’s a spreadsheet to be made there! I may ask Jenny for help…wood for trees, anyone?

  • I have a tinkering habit with the Fluent site, but the goal for March is to run the current Udemy ads on there exclusively and collect stats on views, clicks and earnings.
  • Create a way of tracking & listing all my online business income sources

I think this will be an April goal, to be honest, or a VA helped task.

Blogging Training

  • Recruit enough participants for Shine Online to make sure it runs. I believe that number is 10.
  • Set 2 course dates for April, either in collaboration with ESTA or as self-run courses.

I’m really happy that the new direction in my business is beginning to open up more scope for collaborations, and I’m running Shine Online with a web designer and also have a project idea with social media trainer Sam. I think we have the big thinking in common – we’re both keen to start a whole academy – or maybe a conference? At the moment, we’re just chatting but there’s a bit of work to be done as well.

  • Have a second meeting with Sam and chat more about how this idea of ours could be shaped
  • Attend 2 networking events to promote my blogging training

What do you think of these goals, internet?


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