Goal Update for February Goals, #2

It’s time for a check in and update on my various goals, which had been set for Feb 2014. Just before I go ahead and tell you about all I’ve done, let me say that yes I know! I did go and work on a few things that weren’t really on the list. In my defense, I had tried to keep the list pretty low in the ambition stakes because of my illness and stress, and it was easy to overshoot. I have to watch out for that.

Goal Recap:


I have the coolest goal to introduce in March. It will be working from the road. OH YES. More soon.

  • Rearrange the home office to give it a new positive feeling

Oh, what a beautiful change! I did rearrange my office and now proudly take advantage of more space, more daylight and some pretty new document boxes. I haven’t currently got a super tidy desk, but overall it is positive and waiting for lots more great pictures for the walls.2014-02-23 18.28.05

  • Apply for one job (all bases covered, and only one way to find out if it’s better!)

Not 100% done yet. I did re-apply for a job with Buffer that I’d previously been rejected for, but no success this time either so I’m not sure that counts. Should focus this week.


  • Pass one of my language students to a fellow tutor to make more time for other things

As you know, I decided to quit my part-time job as a Market Research Assistant instead, and yes that is done and makes more financial sense. No regrets!

  • Write a blog article outlining the new Fluent line (more blog, less tutor)

Blog-wise I’ve been making good strides this week, I’m really pleased with the work of bringing in new writers, setting up their profiles and hopefully getting ready to start publishing as an editor in the coming weeks (today I built http://www.fluentlanguage.co.uk/blog-writers so you can meet them). The homepage over at www.fluentlanguage.co.uk has also been reworked and I’ve surveyed my readers on the subjects of my blog’s name and monetization. The money aspect in particular has been important to me: My readers now understand that the blog must start supporting itself financially in 2014, and they have been given a say in how we’ll do it. Adverts are less intrusive than sponsored posts and product recommendations, and a lot more in favour than a paywall, so I’ll have to bite the bullet and reach out to great suitable companies. Hopefully there is a way of making this work and 1) keeping an eye on the stats while 2) keeping my site looking reasonably nice.

The key to this is basically to get the Fluent blog to a stage where it could justify itself even if it got me no work as a tutor at all. It’s looking like I can set the March goal of approaching potential sponsors (cool!) and learning about the techy side of sponsor links (less cool!). The target would be one year of hosting (value $192) in the first instance.

  • Write and publish 2 more top quality blog articles

Done – so done!

  • Set up one more auto-responder in my email series for language learners

Kerstin overshooting. I set up about 4, and all of them seem to be working quite nicely, meaning once a subscriber joins my mailing list they’ll be sent regular tips and updates for the whole first 4 weeks of being on the list. That’s pretty Pat Flynn of me.


There has been less movement in the area of marketing and blog training, and I think I can document two major reasons for that. Firstly, it’s not what I am used to now. After writing down a clear image of my dream and making the public commitment to pushing for more work as a marketing trainer/consultant, I didn’t exactly go away and network through each day. I think it’s tough to change a habit, and I’ve been committed to Fluent for a good while now. That shows. Secondly, there has been a realisation in my mind that I don’t really want to crack this nut on my own again. I’ve been there, done that, with Fluent. Now I am interested in finding business partners! Making the change needs to be a part of me making sure I adhere to each and every goal, and I think at this stage the considerations of working in partnership with other people are a bit vague and making them goal-ready could be a March focus.

  • Attend 2 new networking events where I will present my blogging business

I’ll be hitting this target on the last day of February, but at this stage I do promote myself as Kerstin the language tutor who also does blog training. Well well. If you look at the California dream, can I afford this?

  • Set a rate and finish the descriptions for Shine Online

Done! I’ve not had anywhere near enough time for promoting the training day yet, so that’s another March goal but luckily it’s a collaboration so I will have help. I WILL HAVE HELP WITH SOMETHING! YESSSS! (this is me realising I should ask for more help)

  • Contact 2-3 businesses to find out which blogging services they would be interested in

Not done! I’ve been observing the market from the sidelines and chatting to fellow social media entrepreneurs, but I think I’m not ready to make a move this month…there’s a great collaboration on the cards though.

So anyway. That’s where I’m at with the goals, and as you can see I’m pretty much juggling all my duties and managing ok. Therapy sessions have been really helpful in terms of helping me think more clearly, but I need to remember to allow more time for contemplation etc afterwards. Wedding planning is also chugging along (let’s book this thing!) and finally I’ve started regularly going to meditation with Christian. It’s a bit Buddhist, but still plenty good – every little helps, right?


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