The Goals for February 2014 – update

Just a quick update on 2 of my FLUENT goals, which are perhaps a little vague. Writing the goals is easier than sticking to them, but I am already finding it very helpful to have somewhere to go back to and check whether I’m making the right kind of progress. So the two goals I’m re-addressing today are about making time and forging my language blog into a real contender type site – meaning one that can make money on its own, rather than acting as a funnel for attracting new students for me.

Here are the goal revisions:

Pass one of my language students to a fellow tutor to make more time for other things

After a bit of soul-searching and Maths, I have decided that I will not be doing this and will instead keep my student, work with her on setting new goals and apply what I am learning from my personal goal setting to her own progress. I do need to make more time though, and that means dropping something. I’ve decided to give up on my part-time job, something I can probably safely afford at a monthly income of about £62.50. So the new goal reads:

Quit my part-time job and set a limit to the number of students I’m taking on

Write a blog article outlining the new Fluent line (more blog, less tutor)

I have written and published a whole mission statement for the blog, and called for other writers to come and join me. That means if Fluent takes on a few new people, I’ll be able to act in a more editorial role (fingers crossed), publish more, grow the readership and spend some time attracting sponsors. If the blog can’t make money by itself (at least enough to support the running cost, which isn’t that high, and perhaps employ a VA to help with the admin of it all), it may ultimately have to go but I’m not quite ready for that yet.

This goal doesn’t need that much more of a rewrite, it’s pretty much done. A March goal will be to instruct and introduce the new writers.


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