The Goals for February 2014 (biz ediz)

I recently read a great business blog from a freelance graphic designer who charted the progress of her business in writing. Being so internet-organised, I never saved the web address and have since forgotten where I read this. But the feeling of enthusiasm and love that this woman had for her tasks remained with me, and filled me with a new-found optimism. For me, starting my own business has not really started yet, instead it is about to start as a whole new chapter.

I aim to get work as a freelance blogger and trainer for blogging and online marketing. Yeah, I said it – what?! One inspiring thing that I saw on the graphics blog I mentioned was that the lady publicly committed to her monthly business goals. And I’ll be honest with you – I’ve never really done that before. It sounds entirely sensible.

Why goals?

As someone who’s currently juggling 3 blogs, a part-time job and 2 self-employed pursuits, I should really get with the organisation and pacing. One of the best things about this way of setting goals is that it will make me think about what’s realistic. I’m liable to pushing for things to happen too quickly otherwise.

One other thing I recently read about goal setting really stuck with me. Make the goal about something that you achieve, rather than something that is dependent on someone else. So how much money I make or how many students I attract is one thing, but that’s not entirely free from external influence. It’s better to commit to creating or completing something.

Anyway, so here we go. These are goals spanning both my little self-employed endeavours, and Lord help me, I hope they’re achievable.

And before we make goals for this month, let’s also list the things I’ve already done in February.

  1. Met with Lancaster & Morecambe College and a fellow freelancer to start planning a training day called “Shine Online”
  2. Taught four lessons and published one blog article
  3. Promoted the new guide I wrote for my mailing list on Fluent
  4. Set my packages (version 1) on Blogging Support Services

The Goals for February 2014

Slowly realising I’m turning into Bridget Jones..(what you see here is the 3rd edition of these goals – I cut them down purposefully because they may have been too ambitious…a classic fault of mine?)


  1. Rearrange the home office to give it a new positive feeling
  2. Apply for one job (all bases covered, and only one way to find out if it’s better!)


  1. Pass one of my language students to a fellow tutor to make more time for other things
  2. Write a blog article outlining the new Fluent line (more blog, less tutor)
  3. Write and publish 2 more top quality blog articles
  4. Set up one more auto-responder in my email series for language learners


  1. Attend 2 new networking events where I will present my blogging business
  2. Set a rate and finish the descriptions for Shine Online
  3. Contact 2-3 businesses to find out which blogging services they would be interested in

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