Is it normal that I could spend hours looking at myself dressed as a bride?

As life goes, things are up and down at the moment. It may have been evident from previous posts that I was taking on the world of tasks, something I seem to be pretty good at. Unfortunately, I am not recognising my limits as well as I should and I still try to do the world a favour by carrying everything. The results are not pretty. I get depressive, suffer from anxiety and the odd panic attack.

The return of this illness is showing me quite a few important things. Firstly, it is not all of me. I have good and bad days and I need to take time off if I’m to be well. Secondly, I have a tendency towards impatience and black-and-white thinking. Thirdly, though, I’ve learnt that pushing through work will make me sick no matter which environment I am in. And that being still and doing nothing makes me feel awful in the short, and better in the long run. Make of it what you will. I don’t need to tell it to the internet.

Let’s move on to great stuff: Wedding dresses!! I was finally blessed with a big bunch of time and patience from a bridesmaid that endured a few hours in the outlet at Bolton. And now I look at these dresses a lot. I will only post one picture, the funniest dress, because I’m unlikely to buy it and the fiancé seems to subscribe to the whole “don’t show me the dress before the wedding” thing. I’ll have to write more about traditions in future.

But how fun is this?! I loved it! A massive princess dress. You could not get through the door in this one, but on the positive side it is very girly, cute and makes me feel tiny (of course it does). What do you think? Crazy wedding overkill bridezilla time?

Gipsy Weddings!

Gipsy Weddings!


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