Ouch-ah Kucha

Just a short post today, but it is going to be a more considered effort than most of my output is, actually. I have been asked to present at this networking thing, Pecha Kucha style. And I don’t know whether it is just me and I am the last person on earth to have heard about this, but it would appear that Pecha Kucha (Japanese for chit chat, is that right?) is shorthand for a special kind of presentation style called 20×20. I have to include 20 slides in my presentation and talk over each for 20 seconds. Usually these are about “a topic that you feel passionate about”. And if you think that’s uncomfortable, here is the brief I got:

You are trying to share things about yourself that we wouldn’t get to know otherwise.  Think about it from the audience perspective, how you can leave them with a positively surprising, humorous & memorable portrait of yourself!   Make it fun and make sure you enjoy sharing.

About me?! Me, talking about me?! FOR 5 MINUTES? This didn’t seem hard on the surface, but I swear to you, I have rarely underestimated a task more. I drafted, I brainstormed, I cried, I despaired, after all I felt like I have nothing interesting to say about myself. This is so tough. 20 images to find, 20 interesting things to say about me? It’s really a lot tougher than it seemed. The final product is my attempt. I tried to leave digging too deep into my soul to the therapy sessions, but simply couldn’t manage to talk about me without talking about the time work became depression and everything turned upside down.

So tomorrow is the day and here’s a sneak peek of my Pecha Kucha presentation. About ME. If you can spare 20×20 seconds tomorrow, please come and support me at Northern Lights in Preston. And if you know me, tell me – is this even recognizable?


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